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This is where it all began.

Even though this is just a trailer, the level of surburbia on offer is still quite promising and there is a commando on display within the first five seconds, which is almost ideal.

The Undertaker cameo around the 1:21 mark, could have been a bit earlier for my tastes but this is merely an example of the excellent editing which has you begging for what you want but makes you wait for just the right time before delivering the goods.

In hind sight, had the Undertaker appearance appeared earlier, I might not have stuck around until the end of the clip to catch the fantastic Christopher Lloyd delivering the hilarious¬† “I WAS FROZEN TODAY!” line. Even out of context, its still pretty hilarious stuff and self explanatory to boot; a)he was frozen today, b) this is not something that normally happens to a person, and 3) he did not enjoy the experience. If this is what they are showing us in the trailer, then who knows what kind of hijinks they will get up to in the movie? Maybe someone gets burned alive? A child or an elderly relative who has dozed off in front of the gas fire perhaps?

So lets get down to why you’re all here, The Ratings!

Suburban Rating: 37

Commando Rating: 1 (this is not surprising as the title involves a singular commando)

Undertaker cameos: 1